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      Executive Committee

      Toni Robinson



      Kelly Evans

      Vice President Professional Development


      Melinda Buxton

      Vice President Curriculum


      Mary Walker



      Fiona Abdul Ahad



      TEA Committee Members

      Candace Craig

      Nivanthi Rathayake

      Pamela Hicks

      Bri Ritchie

      Wendy Sheppard

      Jennifer Edwards

      Alison Beattie

      Ha Doan

      Fiona McClintock

      What a super busy start to the year! We are very excited to announce the rebranding of TEA. At the Texstyle exhibition we launched our updated logos for Texstyle and our association. This has been a year in the making and we thank the designers and Maureen Stevens at NESA for making this possible. A great way to start the year all shiny and new!

      Without the commitment of the TEA Executive team and committee there is no way we would have been able to arrange the Texstyle Exhibition, student and teacher seminars AND the Life Members Cocktail function (all within the space of a week). For those of you that attended one or more of the events, I am sure you will agree that all events continue to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of students provide support through seminars and acknowledge the efforts of our members, past and present.